Vanpools in D.C. Metro Area

Greenbelt to Washington D.C
Monday - Friday
Greenbelt Station - Beltsville, MD
Indiana Plaza - Washington, DC
Rockville to Alexandria
Monday - Friday
Rockville Station - Rockville, MD
John Carlyle Square - Alexandria, VA
Springfield to Washington D.C.
Monday - Friday
Springfield Mall - Springfield, VA
14th and Independence SW - Washington, DC

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What is a vanpool?

Vanpooling is similar to carpooling, where you share a commute with other riders in a van. Vanpool riders can use the HOV lane, pay less for parking and the ferry, and relax on a direct route. Learn more about the benefits of vanpooling.

Save Money on Your Commute with MagicBus

Replace the drive with MagicBus and share the commuting cost with other vanpool riders. See what you can save when you ditch the single car commute.

Commute in a Safe and Controlled Environment

Private vanpooling offers a more controlled environment because it’s a more consistent group of riders -- you form a commute pod. Learn more about safe vanpool commuting and COVID-19 guidelines.

Get Your Time Back

Vanpooling means more time for yourself when going to work and getting back home. Save yourself the hassle of driving and schedules so you can simply read, work, relax, or chat with your fellow vanpoolers.