Save time, share the drive

Hello NIH Staff

MagicBus is excited to partner with NIH to help bring together commuters from your area to form new or join existing vanpools.

Tell us about your commute and we'll work to connect you and others to a vanpool.

For a limited time, earn a $10 Visa gift card when you take your first ride. Refer a co-worker and you’ll each get a card when they take their first ride!

Participation in this promotion is subject to MagicBus’s Referral Program Rules

Thank you!

Once we find enough riders we will notify you and help bring everyone together to form a new vanpool.

How it works

Let us know about your commute and we will work to connect you with others traveling your way.
Once we find enough riders we will notify you and help bring everyone together to form a new vanpool.
We'll set the group up with a van and help organize roles within the group to get everything running smooth.
You or other riders will be able to book rides through the MagicBus app for the days that work with your schedule.

How to Pay

MagicBus accepts a variety of payment methods

Allocate your SmartBenefits funds to MagicBus by the 14th of each month, and your account will be credited on the 1st of each month in the MagicBus app.

For instructions, please see the following resources: WMATA Website, Video Walkthrough.

Unused funds will roll over to the next month.

New to NIH or didn’t get your SmartBenefits funds allocated in time? Ask the Employee Transportation Services Office about using TranBen vouchers for MagicBus.

  1. Request a TranBen voucher from the NIH Employee Transportation Services Office
  2. Mail to 1546 N St Andrew’s Pl, Los Angeles CA 90028
  3. Email [email protected] a picture of your total voucher amount, and we will credit your account immediately
  4. If you can’t send a picture of your voucher, use your credit card to pay and we will refund your tickets once we receive your TranBen voucher

We also accept commuter benefit debit cards. Enter the card number directly in the app.

Use your credit card to pay for trips directly in the app

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