Supercharge your vanpools.

We make it magically easy to manage and grow your vanpool program.

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Track everything

Tired of shared transportation being a black box? MagicBus tracks your vanpool ridership in real time and makes it available to you online.
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Commute safely

Vanpooling is the safest form of shared transportation because you ride with a consistent, small group of people.

With our rider tracking, you can tell exactly who is riding with whom.

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How it works

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See for yourself how MagicBus can take your vanpools from struggling to succeeding.
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Government aid.

We'll help your vanpool reach the occupancy needed for government incentives, and automatically capture those incentives for you.

Visualize the results.

Tired of “black box” shared transportation programs? We give you the metrics in real time.
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Positive environmental impact.

Increase shared ridership, free up parking spaces, and get cars off the road.
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Meet our team.

We're a team that's passionate about using technology to make transportation easy for everyone.