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The future is flexible–and digital

The way people commute will forever be changed. Inflexible vanpool schedules and long-term commitments are a barrier for people with unpredictable or varying work-from-home schedules.

We’re helping vanpool programs become more flexible, accessible, and accommodating to changing working trends by automating the process of tracking empty seats and providing anyone the opportunity to book a ride on a one-off or part-time basis.

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MagicBus helps you find a vanpool that fits your schedule so you can ditch the costly, ride-alone commute, take another car off the road, and get your time back.
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Our mission is to transform the way people commute and take cars off the road by making it radically easier for anyone to start, join, and organize vanpools. MagicBus is a diverse team that’s passionate about solving commuting pain points.